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Roblox is a free game creation platform created by Roblox Corporation, a company best known for the game Minecraft. Players create their own games, stories, characters, and worlds. Then they can play hosted games, create their own game servers, or play user-created content. In 2017, Roblox had over 170 million monthly active users, including more than 50% of all American children under 16. Roblox has been the subject of controversy for its predatory behavior, exploitative monetization practices, and arbitrary enforcement of community standards.
In the game, the player creates a virtual world which they name and customize, after which they create an avatar and name it. The player then builds their own house or other building, and buys furniture to decorate the house. Players start with a basic inventory of items, but over time they can unlock more inventory space and buy item packs.
As the player explores the world, they may find objects or encounter other players, who they can talk to, buy from, or fight. Players can also team up with other players and take on other players in multiplayer game modes. They can level up by killing monsters or building structures, and they can earn experience and skill points. They can earn in-game currency by buying the in-game currency with Robux, which can be earned by watching Roblox advertisements, playing the game, completing quests, or finding Roblox emotes. As of March 2017, more than a third of all accounts on Roblox were inactive.
Roblox is free to play, but the player can spend real money on Robux and other virtual items. Robux can be earned by watching Roblox advertisements, playing the game, completing quests, or finding Roblox emotes, and can be purchased with real-world money. As of March 2017, Roblox’s virtual items could be bought for real money using credit cards or PayPal accounts. The website’s developer, Roblox Corporation, has asserted that Roblox items could not be sold for real money until such time as the company had earned enough revenue to cover the operating costs, but this has been disputed.
As of December 2017, Roblox’s top selling in-game items were the Jetpack, which was sold for $1.99, the Drone, which was sold for $9.99, and the Super Jump, which was sold for $11.99. Over 15% of Roblox players had spent more than $1000


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If you are still having problems, you should post in their official Support forums.


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