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QView (Latest)

+ View and edit images
+ Easy to use interface
+ Scroll right or left to view pictures
+ Preview images with a live preview and access the info dialog
+ Set image properties, e.g. viewable format and size
+ Crop images from a viewport on the right of the image
+ Add, delete and edit images
+ Access the original image file
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You have Crop quality to edit pictures but no editing quality. It is very bad.

The program has a very simple interface, which is not bad. But it has no editing quality.

You can view, add, delete and edit pictures, and you can edit JPEG, BMP, RAW, RAR, and ZIP, but you cannot edit RAW image and you cannot rotate the image.

An easy to use app for viewing pictures.

You can view, add, delete and edit pictures, and you can view images, but you cannot edit pictures, and you cannot rotate the image.

A simple image viewer.

You can add, remove and view pictures.

A basic image viewer with easy interface.

You can add, view and remove pictures.

qView Activation Code is a very simple and lightweight image viewer.

You can view, delete, delete and view pictures, and you can edit JPEG and BMP pictures, but you cannot edit RAW picture, and you cannot rotate the image.

The program has the most basic interface.

I’m not able to access any picture on my computer.

I’not able to view any picture.

It has basic view and editing functions.

The program does not have the most basic functions of my PC.

The program is not able to view my picture.

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QView Crack + Free Download PC/Windows Latest

qtView is a lightweight image viewer that packs several features to help you view your photo albums.
The program comes with a few minimalistic editing functions, such as cropping the sides off and previewing the images at different resolutions, including the original one captured with your camera. In addition, when running a GIF, you can increase or decrease the speed or perhaps save a specific frame.
All in all, qtView is an easy to use application that provides you a convenient solution for viewing photo albums on your PC. Since it is light on your resources, it can also be a good replacement for the classic image viewer of Windows.

qviewMediaPlayer is a small and fast media player with live file streaming for Windows. It can play videos stored on your computer or online. The application can also connect to network servers and display the media content stored there. The player supports the most common video file formats such as AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, MP4, RM, MOV, M4V, MKV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, Quicktime, WMV and many others. qviewMediaPlayer also supports most of the commonly used DRM-free streaming servers.
Main Features:
✔ Supports a wide range of formats
✔ Powerful video and audio playback
✔ Optimized for Intel and AMD CPUs
✔ Play streaming video files from the web
✔ Supports most of the common video codecs
✔ Supports resizing and playback on a large screen
✔ Works with most of the audio playback devices
✔ Supports playback of audio and video files directly from a Flash device or from its media library
✔ Supports playback of music from different audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC and AAC.
✔ Supports playback of online streaming video and audio from the Internet.
✔ Can stream video and audio from network server (LAN and/or Wi-Fi network)
✔ Can stream video and audio from USB flash storage devices
✔ Support most of the most of the most common DRM-free streaming servers
✔ Supports playlist with 50 or more tracks
✔ Supports stream autoplaying on the background
✔ Supports Automatic Playlist creation from the streaming video or audio URL
✔ Supports the most popular media libraries such as iTunes, WinAmp and more
✔ Supports Apple AirPlay streaming with audio only
✔ Supports a range of playback devices such


Views photos and image albums with a simple, friendly interface. It’s fast and lightweight, and doesn’t use more than a few megabytes of space. This photo viewer is highly configurable and supports several popular image file formats.
Views photo albums
Photo slideshow, favorite images, image resolution, and image size.
Virtuoso mode: A professional mode that lets you view slideshows and play albums as the developer intended. You can view them at a variety of speeds, set transition effects, and preview at different photo sizes.
File format support: The program supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and WMF files.
Editing tools: There are crop, resize, rotate, and draw tools.
Additional features:
Snap a photo
Find files on the web
Take a screenshot
Favorite images: Favourite images from your computer and the web.
Favorite images: You can save the path to your favorite images so you can open them from any folder you have them saved in.

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What’s New In QView?

qView is the perfect solution for viewing photos (and videos) with ease. It’s easy to use, and easy to view. Slide shows, calendars, and other photo albums are easily viewed. You can view an album by selecting from your folder, and view an individual photo. Easy to add new folders to view them as a slide show or want.
Features include:
Fully-featured Photo Viewer
Helpful menus for all your viewing needs
Video preview
Supports GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format)
Enhancement Features
Adjust image brightness/contrast
Adjust image saturation
Adjust image gamma
Resize the image to any size
Rotate the image 90/180/270 degrees
Add an image caption
Add a watermark to the image
Save image (JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG)
Change the size of the image (2, 4, 8 and 16)
Display image status (on or off)
View image properties
Automatically preview and capture videos by a press of a button. You can also display the list of videos you have
captured or the list of videos you have saved. You can also preview or capture image videos
Photo Browser
Open gallery when you select a photo
Recent file list
Additional file browser
Folder Browser
Find option
Thumbnail / Full screen
Image rotation
Image resizing
Full image viewer
Image comments
Folder operations
Quick Access
Create new folder
Delete selected folder
Rename selected folder
Move selected folder
Delete directory (folder)
Change the folder name
Copy file (photo)
All image formats
A wide range of file operations (edit, copy, duplicate, move, delete, cut)
Image resizing
Advanced image operations
File size
Image compression
Image processing
Image encoding
Image watermarking
Image cropping
Image enhancement
Remove video watermark
No watermark
Image resizing (requires watermark)
Image cropping
Image rotation
Image Cropping
Image set
Image rotation
Image splitter
Image model
Image histogram
Image masking
Image masking
Image cropping
Image processing
Image splitter
Image editing
Image enhancement
Image encoding
Image inversion
Image rotation
Image illumination
Image histogram
Image grayscale
Image transparency
Image cloning
Image inversion
Image hist


System Requirements:

For example, the screenshots below show the same image in a mobile app vs. a desktop web page:
A mobile web page
(left) A mobile app
The blurry screenshot on the left is a typical desktop web page. It’s optimized for a wide range of screen resolutions from the iPhone 5 up to the desktop monitor of your choice. The screenshot on the right is a typical app optimized for the iPhone 5, and it is optimized to display clearly.
In addition, the app is also optimized for smaller screen sizes like