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HamMultiPlayer Serial Key is a simple to use application dedicated to rendering several multimedia files at the same time. The program can display several videos or audio files as animated thumbnails, at the top of the window and render the selected file in the preview area. The smart interface division allows you quick access to files and folders.
Multiple movie player
HamMultiPlayer is a suitable tool for scanning folders, subfolders or entire drives, in order to detect and import multimedia files. It can easily retrieve the list of videos and audio files, then render 4 or more of them at the same time. The application features a large preview area, for the main video and displays the other videos as animated thumbnails at the top of the interface.
You may easily change the window division so that the main preview area spreads across the entire tool interface or is reduced in order to make room for the folder browser. You may view the contents of any folder, as well as the directory structure in the dedicated area, on the right. This way, you may access any media folder in a second.
Automatic scanning and data retrieving
You do not need to import the media files into the software, instead, you need to indicate the hosting folders. HamMultiPlayer can scan their contents, then display the detected media files in the list. The selected videos/audio files are rendered in the animated thumbnails slots and one of them can be viewed in large format in the preview area.
You may set a series of playback options, such as the number of clips/songs rendered at the same time, codecs, audio output, file matching and thumbnails.
Useful multimedia player
HamMultiPlayer is suitable for movie editors, who need to view all the pieces of the footage and establish their order, but also for users who wish to find movie duplicates. HamMultiPlayer offers you a very quick method of previewing videos, for sorting, organizing, moving, deleting or sharing purposes. While the software is easy to use, you cannot resize the main window and you need to terminate the process from Task Manager when you wish to close it.
Display several videos or audio files as animated thumbnails at the top of the window and render the selected file in the preview area

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HamMultiPlayer 1.20 Crack + Serial Key (Latest)

Keep all the videos of your life in the background and do not miss another minute, check them out with HamMultiPlayer, a free and easy to use application. An animation player, capable of displaying a lot of video files or folders, it can save you a lot of work while you are watching a movie, you can keep the bunch of a series of movies or import them all. HamMultiPlayer is a smart application that allows you to launch and play as many video files in a single instance.
Key Features:
* Many videos can be displayed at the same time and previewed as animations
* You can view a video file, select several in order to preview
* You can quickly sort videos, organize them into categories
* You can quickly share your favorite clips, episodes or album with your friends
* You can import videos/audios from folders or external drives
* You may launch and play media files, from other applications or from the network
* You can set the desired playback order, the number of simultaneous playing files and a series of advanced settings
* You may preview each of the files with different settings in 4 or 6 px. sizes
* You can select various sound output options,
* You can preview the media files, sort them and print some thumbnails
* You may select a video file and check the video quality, bitrate, file size, color depth and sample rate or codec
* You may directly save, share or upload a selected file
* The program can switch the screen off without terminating its process
* You do not need to configure the application in order to utilize these features
* You cannot directly resize the main window
* You cannot play a video file, while another one is running
* You cannot control the application
* The program may crash on some machines
* The audio output options may not be customized
* You cannot configure the songs and songs numbers
* You may not rearrange the thumbnails
* The application cannot completely manage all the hardware and resources.
* The application may consume some memory and processor time.

HamMultiPlayer is a simple to use application dedicated to rendering several multimedia files at the same time. The program can display several videos or audio files as animated thumbnails, at the top of the window and render the selected file in the preview area. The smart interface division allows you quick access to files and folders.
Multiple movie player
HamMultiPlayer is a suitable tool for scanning folders, sub

HamMultiPlayer 1.20 [Win/Mac]

HamMultiPlayer is a multimedia player, designed for fast viewing of several clips. It has a smart interface, focused on the file list and it can display thumbnails of the movies and audio files that you have already selected.
It displays several media clips in large format or thumbnails, to select files to be viewed. You may mark the file not to be displayed. The preview area is customizable to show only the main file of a media clip, or the list of clips. One of the clips could be shown in full size. The thumbnail is displayed at the top of the window.
When you view your media files in the HamMultiPlayer application, the layout can be changed in order to display only one media file in large format or 4 or more video clips/songs. They can be edited and repositioned if necessary. You can, directly, either download, delete or share the selected video. You can select an entire folder.
HamMultiPlayer Verdict:
It’s useful for scanning, displaying and editing multiple media files, without importing them. The application automatically displays the files and the order of their view. The program is easy to use and does not need any advanced knowledge for operation. You may, however, use it after the installation and easily export your files. Download HamMultiPlayer at Com FreewareQ:

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System Requirements For HamMultiPlayer:

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