ESET Trial Reset – Box, Mara-fix BEST

ESET Trial Reset – Box, Mara-fix BEST


ESET Trial Reset – Box, Mara-fix


Don’t download something that simply says trial. That means that you are going to install it and use it for a limited period of time, with limited features.
Most trial programs will then offer to upgrade you to a full version of the program at some point. If they don’t, then you should consider getting another program.
Another option that may be a good one is to download a portable version. You can take your software with you.
If you would like to remove the trial version, you can do so by going to the control panel for your software, and you can click uninstall on the toolbar.
This is the most common method.
Other options for trying to fix your problem:

Reboot and choose to boot to Safe Mode, and run a virus scan using internet explorer. If it still doesn’t fix it, then it’s a system file problem
If it’s still not working, then backup your system by using the S.M.A.R.T backup function (if it’s available for your system), or by using Norton Ghost.

If you don’t have either of these, then try getting an ISO of Windows with the tools available to you, such as Windows IM, Windows IM Center, or Windows 7 Disk Image Writer.
Once you have the image, write it to a blank DVD, and boot from that. This might help you to pinpoint the file that is corrupt.

Another thing I’d try is running a virus scan. Here’s a little list of programs available on Google to use to do this:


Don’t forget to get a free key for some of these programs, or to purchase them if you have already purchased one. Also, make sure that you run the virus scan after the program is completely done downloading and installing. I hope this helps you to get it fixed.

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Xcode 10.1 error: Undefined symbols for architecture armv7s

I am working on a Game in Xcode 10.1 for iOS 12.1
I build the game in iPad with these conditions,
iPhone 6s
iPhone 4s
iPhone 3gs
But I am getting

** Undefined symbols for architecture armv7s: “_OBJC_CLASS_$_SILGame”

In Build Settings, I have enabled Allow Mach-O FAT binary


You have to add the GameViewController to the file ‘Info.plist’ with the key ‘LSApplicationQueriesSchemes’ with value ‘Game’.
You can do it manually or Xcode can do it for you

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How to use huge number of variable in bash script

I want to run a bash script that should have huge number of variable like this. How can I achieve it?


This should work:
declare -a ar=()
for var in foobar foobaz fooborg foobuy fooboz fooboy foobazx foobazc foobazq; do
printf “%s
” “${ar[@]}”

// Targeted by JavaCPP version 1.5.4: DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE

package org.bytedeco.onnx;

import java.nio.*;
import org.bytedeco.javacpp.*;