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The Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird program is a handy utility for Thunderbird users, who want to quickly find and remove duplicate emails from their mail folders.
Since the program runs in the background, it does not lock the Thunderbird client, making it possible to use the mail client without interruption.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird enables you to select the profile that you want to use for comparison, if you have more than one configured in the client.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird computes the number of duplicates within Thunderbird’s mail folders in two different ways – ‘Light’ and ‘Standard’.
Using the ‘Light’ mode, the program checks message IDs, to determine which of the messages are originals and which are duplicates. It stores the result in a list.
The ‘Standard’ mode compares Headers, body text, and attachments for duplicates. It saves the result in a list, then deletes the superfluous emails.
Even though Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird uses a batch method, it does not keep Thunderbird open during the process, so the client remains in the background.
The program can also find messages that don’t exist, but that satisfy your selection criteria.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird lets you remove duplicates and clean message attachments in one simple step. It gives you some options, such as defining which Headers or attachments to exclude from the process, so you can make adjustments accordingly.
You can also choose whether you want to automatically remove duplicates based on an interval, or to wipe duplicate files only when the program detects them.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird has some additional features that allow you to organize, sort and search your mail.
You can create your own mail folders, which helps to keep your mail organized, make it easier to find the messages you’re looking for, and to manage your mail with the software.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird has some nice features, such as ‘Native’ support, as well as a number of preferences that allow you to customize the program. You can also monitor the status of the software remotely through an Email Monitor.
Additionally, Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird supports a broad set of languages, including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
What is new in official Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird 3.2 software version? – Added Windows 8 support. Other improvement. What is

Duplicates Detective For Thunderbird Crack Activation Code With Keygen [April-2022]

Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird Download With Full Crack is a user-friendly tool designed specifically for the Thunderbird mail client, enabling you to quickly find and remove duplicate emails from your mailfolders.
The program allows you to select the preferred Thunderbird profile and by pressing the ‘Scan for Duplicates’ button, it will analyze the mailfolders and display the results in two panels, one for ‘Originals’ and one for ‘Duplicates’.
Note that when you launch Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird, it will close Thunderbird, if it is running, and reopen it when you finish working with the application.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird lets you to get rid of copies from a variety of folders and subfolders, in batch mode, enabling you to wipe numerous superfluous emails with just one push of a button. It cleans messages, attachments and embedded graphics, under several user-defined conditions.
This efficient utility can remove unnecessary files, that eat up a lot of space on your computer, while also allowing you to neatly organize your emails and successfully monitor the handling of all messages.
Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird provides you with two comparison methods, ‘Standard’ and ‘Light’. Using the ‘Standard’ method, messages will be compared in terms of contents (Header, body text) and attachments. The ‘Comparison Criteria’ section enables you to set which Headers or attachments to exclude from the analysis. The ‘Light’ comparison method uses message identifiers (message IDs) to determine which items are duplicates or original.
This tool helps you automatically clean duplicates upon detection, but you can also discard copies manually, after the scan, from the main window of the program, using the ‘Wipe’ or ‘Transfer’ button. Removed items will be displayed in strike-out text.
To conclude, Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird is a useful software solution, that enables you to keep your mailfolders tidy and organized, by removing duplicates and helping you sort out copies from originals.

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Fully featured email management software for Microsoft Windows. With TDFMailer you have all your email management tasks within the

Duplicates Detective For Thunderbird

If you receive more than one copy of the same email in your inbox, it might be really time consuming and bothersome to delete them one by one, especially if you receive a lot of emails daily, which amounts to more than 500 in most cases, after all. Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird will help you quickly manage and delete the duplicates that you receive.

Find Duplicates of Your Mail in Seconds

If you receive more than one copy of the same email in your inbox, it might be really time consuming and bothersome to delete them one by one, especially if you receive a lot of emails daily, which amounts to more than 500 in most cases, after all.

Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird will help you quickly manage and delete the duplicates that you receive. This utility will analyze the messages in your mail folder and show you the duplicate emails in one main window. You can then check which messages are duplicates and, if necessary, delete them from your folder. Once you are finished, you can even wipe the duplicates from your disk.

Everything a Duplicates Detective Should Do

In addition, Duplicates Detective for Thunderbird gives you many other options:

The program enables you to delete duplicates according to several user-defined comparisons, in batches or individually. For instance, you can remove duplicates from your inbox only if the message body or attachments differ between emails. Or you can choose to check only a specific amount of the total number of emails.

You can also hide messages from the scanning process, so that you don’t delete the originals. Also, you can exclude certain headers or attachments from the analysis.

If you receive duplicates from more than one folder or subfolder, the program can analyze the separate folders and do a better job of finding and deleting duplicates.

Finally, you can use this application to find duplicates in your language (for example, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Chinese or Japanese).Budesonide/formoterol in the treatment of severe asthma.
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What’s New In Duplicates Detective For Thunderbird?

– Works with existing TB profiles
– Full support for Thunderbird versions from 5.0.0 to 20.0.1
– Integration with ‘Clean Duplicates’ or ‘Delete Duplicates’ actions on standard templates
– Full support for standard message templates
– CSV file export to TBL format for fast import to TB
– configurable settings for comparison
– configurable settings for deletion
– configurable settings for wiping
– support for various compare criteria: headers, body text or attachment
– support for various compare criteria: headers, body text or attachment
– technical support during the application trial version period

Note that Thunderbird will close upon completion of the scan

DupDetective Professional – Powerful and unique tool for finding and removing duplicated/spam emails for all versions of the Thunderbird e-mail client.
DupDetective can identify and clean duplicated, spam and/or forwarding emails from many folders and subfolders.
It has powerful search capabilities, supported by full indexing of the selected folders, and can utilize any folders either in the local system or on remote computers and servers.
The Duplicates Detective main window shows ‘original’ and ‘duplicate’ email items. You can open up each email in a new window, by clicking them with the mouse, for a more detailed view. You can also export the results as a CSV file with original email addresses and email headers or as HTML summary pages for one or more folders, including the ability to choose the original folder(s) to be exported.
DupDetective can clean a folder or folder and subfolders in one operation, based on specified or user-defined settings. It can also clean duplicates in several folders, recursively and in many cases without any need for manual intervention.
You can use the Duplicates Detective Professional with two different types of comparison criteria: the first allows you to compare emails based on their contents, with the body text or the message header sections. The second uses the message id and allows you to find duplicates based on this criteria.
You can choose to compare messages based on the body text, the message header, both together and have DupDetective check for names and attachments as well.
DupDetective Professional Overview:
Duplicates Detective is a unique and powerful tool for finding and cleaning duplicate emails for all versions of the Thunderbird mail client.
The program has five main features:
1. DupDetective can find

System Requirements For Duplicates Detective For Thunderbird:

Windows 10
– 1 GHz Processor
– 1 GB RAM
– DirectX 11-compatible video card (Microsoft DirectX is required for 4K support)
– USB 3.0-compatible port
– DVD/CD drive
– 1.8 GHz Processor
– 2 GB RAM
– DirectX 11-compatible video card (high-end DirectX 11-compatible video card)
– DVD/CD drive