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I have the external backup for my laptop. The laptop is charging, but it is showing battery is out of charge.
I have tried this solution that says to connect the USB charge cable to the laptop, switch off the charger, restart, switch on the charger and then switch off the laptop.
But the battery status is same.
From the googling I found that this happens to some other laptops too. So, that solution may not work in all cases. (example: this is the laptop that did not respond to the above mentioned solution).
Can I connect the usb of the laptop to my desktop to charge it? If so how?


Not all laptops have the ability to charge on a USB port.
To see if this is your case, plug your USB port (or USB cable) into the desktop and see if you can use the computer to charge the laptop. (If this is the case, leave the laptop and the desktop in that state until you need to use the laptop again.)
If you can’t use the desktop to charge the laptop, then you need to find the terminal command to disable USB charging. Try this:

Try searching for disable usb charging in the software center and see if it offers that solution.
If none of this works, your best bet is to open up the laptop and check the documentation

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