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AutoCAD 20.1 PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

On May 25, 2002, Autodesk announced the release of AutoCAD 2003, a complete new version of AutoCAD.

Following is an overview of Autodesk’s AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT (CAD software available for the Apple Macintosh) applications. For information about free software for drafting, see the Free CAD Software page.

AutoCAD Overview

A commercial desktop CAD application that runs on Windows- and Mac-based personal computers (PCs), as well as on mobile devices and the Web.


Macro- and XRef-based technology for batch construction of large drawings

Instant synchronization with desktop and mobile devices

Geometry snap, object snapping, and document/view (OPTIMIZE LAYOUT command)

File-based architecture for user data

XRef-based technology for larger drawings

SmartDraw drawing management software

QuickDraw extension for applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD LT, Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Writer, and Camtasia Studio

OpenGL rendering for more complex workpieces, animations, and video streams

Raster image output (export) to various file formats (e.g., EPS, JPEG, and PNG)

Fonts, colors, and materials (extensions for Photoshop and Illustrator)

Able to run on any Internet browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera)

Interactive web browser-based software

AutoCAD LT Overview

A non-commercial CAD program for the Apple Macintosh.


File-based architecture for user data

Single-instance architecture for individual drawings (many features are not available for large documents)


Rectangular and annotative text

Raster image output (export) to various file formats (e.g., EPS, JPEG, and PNG)

Built-in rendering for more complex workpieces, animations, and video streams

Raster image conversion (convert to raster or import raster file)

Connectivity (support for desktop-based AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT from the Microsoft Windows platform)

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a desktop page layout and publishing program. It is used to prepare printed material for commercial publishers.



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Programming languages
AutoCAD includes a broad range of programming languages, including AutoLISP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, ObjectARX, AutoLISP, Visual LISP, and VBA. A common thread in AutoLISP, VBA, and Visual Basic is the use of objects for building programs. For example, object-based Visual Basic programming involves writing classes that represent objects, properties of which are represented as public data members of the class. AutoLISP does not include objects, but the Common Lisp Object System supports objects.

The fundamental premise behind AutoLISP is the abstraction of data and the control of such data from the application program. Thus, the basic functionality of a LISP application is to manipulate the data and perform calculations on it. This includes both simple and complex calculations. With AutoLISP, these data manipulations take the form of macros. With Visual LISP, data is handled through the use of Visual LISP code.


AutoLISP is an implementation of LISP, and is itself an implementation of the Common Lisp programming language. AutoLISP is typically used as a scripting language, and is most often used to automate the creation of drawings.

AutoLISP has existed since 1982. In 2005, the last release of AutoLISP was 3.30.

Visual Basic

AutoCAD’s VBA is an implementation of Visual Basic for Applications. It is a Visual Basic add-in that is designed to extend the capabilities of AutoCAD. VBA was introduced with AutoCAD 2000.


ObjectARX was originally an add-in for AutoCAD 2009. ObjectARX is C++ class library that allows the creation of AutoCAD add-ons.

ObjectARX is a macro-enabled code-development environment for building 3D architectural visualization applications and tools for Windows based systems. ObjectARX offers a very high level of abstraction, and it is possible to build a complete visual application using ObjectARX, without the need to understand programming concepts such as classes, inheritance, polymorphism, events, and so on.

Its most distinctive feature is its ability to encapsulate all drawing and text objects and manipulate them using an intuitive visual programming approach, which makes it easy to build CAD applications and create

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Search for a version number under “Select a version of Autocad” on the product splash screen.

Right click your Autocad product version (if you are unsure, the most recent one should have the most recent version number) and go to “Autocad 32-bit or Autocad 64-bit”.

In the dropdown box where it says “Autocad 2013”, choose the appropriate 64-bit version (64-bit).

Choose “Release option” under “File type” and choose the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit ISO.

Preparing to crack
Before you start your crack, you will need to download and install the free program, WinRAR
The program will be needed for expanding the autocad file.


For Autocad 2013, 2013 LT, 2013 Pro or 2013 Architect :

Is Autocad 64 or 32 bit?

autocad install 32bit

Download and install WinRAR.

Unzip the crack file.

Open the Autocad.exe

On the bottom, click “Open Autocad”

Click on the “Start / All Programs / Autodesk / Autocad 2013”

You should see the Autocad Logo and autocad autocad start menu

Click on the “Autocad 2013” and choose “Autocad 2013 32bit”

click on “OK”

If Autocad starts normally,

you can stop right there.


Re-install Autocad 32bit or 64bit,


Close Autocad,


Re-install WinRAR

Run Autocad.exe

Click on the “Autocad 2013”

Choose “Autocad 2013 64bit”

On the bottom, click on “OK”

Press “Continue”

Run Autocad.

You should see the Autocad Start Menu

Click on the “Autocad 2013” and choose “Autocad 2013 32bit”

Click on “OK”

Click on “Continue”

Run Autocad.

You should see the Autocad Start Menu

Click on

What’s New In?

Incorporate printed paper or PDFs into your designs without copying or pasting, so you can quickly swap out designs or iterate on a project. (video: 1:22 min.)

Use your webcam to incorporate feedback while you’re not in AutoCAD. (video: 1:20 min.)

Accelerate the process of feedback by automatically creating your own design doc (or collaborating with someone else). (video: 1:42 min.)

Markup Assistant:

Automatically extract and draw text and arrows from drawings or symbol libraries to help you create documents, presentations, and export drawings. (video: 1:19 min.)

Create content-driven designs and documents with a simple drag and drop interface. (video: 1:23 min.)

Use Markup Assistant to mark up, annotate, and organize drawings. (video: 1:34 min.)

Interact with the Markup Assistant through the Command Line using Batch commands and macros. (video: 1:19 min.)

Change Views:

With the new view tools in AutoCAD, you can now navigate your drawing at different scales to better understand the 3D context of your model. (video: 1:32 min.)

Use the new Context Camera view in AutoCAD to control your models in 3D. (video: 1:21 min.)

Automatically switch views when you use the Zoom Extents feature to zoom in and out. (video: 1:22 min.)

Explore your drawings through adjustable wireframe and shaded views. (video: 1:18 min.)

Save time by exploring your model through Time Zones. (video: 1:13 min.)


With multi-view, you can add layers to your drawing to organize and edit related views of your drawing at the same time. (video: 1:19 min.)

Snap, rotate, and annotate your models with the new multi-view tools. (video: 1:31 min.)

Create outlines and polygons on top of your 3D models with the new multi-view tools. (video: 1:20 min.)

Automatically switch views when you use the Zoom Extents feature to zoom in and out. (video: 1:23 min.)

Adding annotations to drawings:

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