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TEJA AND RAMA HYGIENIC HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Sanitary Napkins in the field of health care products. We are concern to do our part to make health more hygienic and cleanness for the generations to come. We strive to excel and give the best possible product that helps to give good health. We wish to this opportunity to thank you for allowing to prepare and summit to you supplying of Bio Degradable Sanitary Napkins. NAMED AS WISHSTAY BIO DEGRADABLE SANITARY NAPKINS.

GOAL: Our company goal is to provide good service and healthy environment to each of our customer’s facilities and building to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible. At Teja and Rama Hygienic Health Care Products Company, We understand that our customers want as few hassles as possible and therefore institute shall provide strong health and hygienic environment are delivered to you in a smooth and hassles less manner.

VISION:  Our major product is bio-degradable Sanitary Napkin which is named as WISHSTAY SANITATY NAPKINS. We are having four sizes variety of Sanitary Napkins. Our sanitary napkins are made with biodegradable and developed with cutting edge technology and reliable to perform best as well as safe in all the given scenarios. Sanitary napkins are the scientific and hygienic way for disposal capacity. Key features of our Sanitary Napkins are protection against leakage, Comfortable to wear and stay in place, hygienic and environment friendly and Odourless.

Other bonding technology can be explored to develop the cover stock to decrease the thickness and GSM of cover stock. Herb used for antimicrobial activity can be extended to her herbs also. Treated cover stock fabric can be tested against other bacteria. Other method of application of antimicrobial agent such as microencapsulation can be tried to enhance the durability of finish.